Don’t forget the purple potato people

My husband can’t seem to wake up without waking me up too. This is a problem….he gets up at 4am most mornings. And today on the very first working day of daylight savings it was hard. But also funny.

Being a Queenslander, I’m still not used to daylight savings. It seems weird, putting the clocks forward an hour and pretending the time has changed for us all. So when the alarm went off it really was 3am. Argh!

Now I’m not sure what happened, but according to my source, lets call him Tim, I had some wise words this morning.

“Don’t forget the purple potato people!”

It’s very important not to forget these people. Why? And who are they? Well it seems nobody knows apart from my semi-awake self. I do remember saying something and getting the impression that Tim thought it was silly, but feeling the importance of it and thinking he didn’t understand. We laughed and laughed about it during our morning phone call.

Ahh isn’t it lovely to have someone to remember all the stupid stuff.

In other news, no grand entrance was made at the wedding on the weekend…well not by us anyway. We arrived a nice and early 30 minutes (yawn). Tim sarcastically asked where were Frodo and his mates (I left them behind since I was so stressed about possibly being late).

This was our first wedding since our own, here are a few of my observations:

* Just because you’ve seen a flash of a big white dress, it doesn’t mean the bride is here…it might just be the Priest in his robes

* Before my wedding every wedding I went too was an opportunity to gather ideas. Hmm I like this, ooh no I would never do that…what WAS she thinking? But after my wedding I have no reason to gather anymore so felt unsure if I should have opinions or not.

* Fireworks at weddings are great

* Tim is still learning that just about all brides are late (yes babe its true, ask anyone)

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Here’s to a good week ahead!



A word from the not so wise

This time of year brings grand finals. Football grand finals. With the most important of these being the AFL. This year in particular was a big one. My husbands beloved team, Collingwood, finally made it again (after being beaten by my team a few years ago…but its best not to mention that).

My love of the Brisbane Lions began back in 2001. I was dragged along to a game by a friend and there I fell in love. The excitement, the skill, the men (seriously they are the fittest men of any football code)…it was a winning combination and it was the beginning of our glory days so what was not to love. When I moved to Melbourne I felt like I should support a local team…so the search for the right team began. I courted Hawthorn, as they were the reigning champions and half my church supported them and St Kilda, as they have the prettiest uniform. But I couldn’t forget the Lions.

However, in the interest of a happy marriage, Tim and I have come to an agreement. Collingwood are my second team and the Lions are his. If they play each other…well lets just say we’re better off not watching it. But this love of the Lions helped me understand the importance of this grand final. I knew it was a big deal. I knew plans would be made.

Not being able to watch the game live, we had some friends tape it so we could all watch it together later that night. Trying to avoid finding out the scores was hard. Phones were turned off. Back roads were taken to avoid running into anyone showing off the results. People were ignored.

I really should have turned my phone off too. I got a text, all the boys demanded I shouldn’t read the message. Tim was adamant ‘Turn your phone off”. I obeyed. But curiosity killed the cat and so it got to me. Once all the boys were outside I checked the message. “Tell Tim not to bother, it was a draw.” hahahahahaha a draw, as if.

I thought it so funny that I told the boys. Hmm not so funny once we watched the game and it turned out to be a draw. And the death stares my husband gave me were definitely not so funny. I broke the rule, I told them the score…and my cries of “I didn’t think it was real” did not save me.

So a word from the not so wise. Don’t get involved in grand finals. Or football. Or boys! Ha ok I take back the last one. But I’m serious about grand finals….nothing good comes out of them (unless it involves the Lions).


In love with being in love?

I remember watching a Seinfeld episode, possibly the one where Jerry gets engaged, about how bizarre it is that people get married. Jerry talked about how you’d think it would be rare that someone would find a person that they like enough that they actually want to commit to seeing everyday of their life. But it happens every day.

Are we in love with being in love?

The idea of love is sometimes much more attractive than the reality of it. But that is a tainted view. Sometimes I don’t think I understand what true love is all about.

I certainly didn’t before Tim entered my life.

I used to find it hard enough to actually find someone I liked not to mention whether they liked me in return. And then I think I only got snippets of love.

One day I had a chat with my dear friend Sara not long before she got married. She had found love, true love and I was hungry to hear what it was like. She said something that stuck with me. We had been talking about my exes. Visiting the ghosts of boyfriends past is dangerous and I was lamenting what had been. Sara said to me, I don’t think anyone has ever treated you as you deserve.

It blew me away. It made me sad. It made me happy. It made me question. But it also made me realise that I had never treated the boyfriends-of-the-past in a way that they deserved either.

We like the idea of love. That someone will be there for us no matter what, that someone is interested in us above all others, that we have someone to share our life with.

But the type of love that marriage requires is more than that. Rather than someone giving to us, it requires us to give.

It reminds me of a beautiful description of love:

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. Love does not demand its own way. Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged. It is never glad about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. (You can find it in the Bible,1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

So I want to use this description of love and turn it into what my marriage is about. If five years down the track someone asked Tim what marriage was like, I hope that he would be able to use these words. I pray that I can use this positive description of love and turn it into who I am.


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