The Vision

Surely you’ve noticed how just about all romantic movies end with either the couple finally getting together or getting married. Its seems like there is a Hollywood formula that goes something like this – couple meet, they fall in love at first sight which means the rest of the movie is about trials they face and how they eventually overcome them. Or they hate each other at first sight which means the rest of the move is about them being forced into spending time together, dating other people and then finally realising that they should be together and are now in love. And then the movie stops.

Happily ever after seems to stop when you get married. But what happens in the happily ever after? Sex and the City, the first movie, tried to answer that question but what it really did was follow the original formula. Carrie and Big are finally together and now they’re getting married….but Big stands her up at the altar and then they face a number of trials until they get back together again and the movie ends with them getting married.

Bridget Jones Diary – Edge of Reason, follows a similar line. Bridget and Mark Darcy are in love and together but then get pulled apart, they face a number of trials before getting back together at the end.

So what does the happily ever after bit actually look like? Maybe its too boring to show BUT having just got married not long ago I’m going to make a diary about what being married is actually like.



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