Its our thing

One piece of marriage advice I got was that we needed to find a common interest. This might have come my way since my husband and I are very different. He’s from the country and claims I’m a city girl. I used to be a strict vegetarian and Tim eats meat with every meal (ok not breakfast, well not everyday). He likes heavy metal and I like pop. He says potato, I say potarto….ok you get what I mean.

We’re different. But its never been that big of a deal, we compromise. For example after me watching about 10 of his movies we were in the cinema for that Adam Sandler one, “Grown Ups” and by then I’d had enough. So Tim gives in and announces next time he’s taking me to a ‘chick flick’. I’m not game to admit which one we actually watched but it was good.

It works for us, but having a common interest is good too and we’ve found one!

A few days ago I was kind of bagging my husbands interest in ebay. I have to admit that ever since we got guitar hero with the drums and the microphone, there hasn’t been a day it hasn’t been played.

Its actually something we like to do together. Tim plays the guitar (as he’s the hero and I can’t even play the stupid thing) and I like to sing. So we have a band. It’s now our thing.



I’m for teacups

I recently discovered the delights of ebay….I know I know I’m behind the times. But how awesome is that site?! I first went on there after my uncle told me how he got such a great deal on a dining room table. I wanted a new table too, so off I went, joined ebay and scoured the site for something perfect.

It wasn’t long and I was falling in love again. Lovely little french provincial table. It had style, it had flair and it was a bargain! woo hoo! The bidding began and ebay quickly told me I was the highest bidder. I started day dreaming about sitting at that table surrounded by family. This was the table I’d have lovely dinner parties on, my kids would grow up doing their homework here and then one day it would have to retire but my heart would be filled with precious memories all around this table.

Ok so I have a tendency to get carried away. My dream was soon shattered…I didn’t realise someone could outbid you in the last 30 seconds. And outbid you by a mere $5.00. Oh how I loathed ebay. For 2 weeks I refused to even look at it again.

But then I returned and found some delightful tea cups and a purchase was made. I was successful and my love affair began all over again.

I have noticed something funny about ebay buying – the difference between what I like and what my husband likes. I’m for teacups and Tim’s for guitar hero. Do they ever grow up? Or should I see this as a sign that my husbands already preparing for our kids by storing toys?


My ebay finds

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