Domestic goddess

When I was about 16 I told my Mum that I would marry a chef. She kept scolding me for not cooking more and was not overly impressed with my efforts when I did. That might have something to do with the fact that my Mum and I have very different tastes or it might have something to do with my poor cooking skills.

I did actually think I would marry a chef…I thought that anything I wanted would come my way. Without effort. And I thought I’d be married by 22 because that’s super old (ha! stupid young self). I wasn’t interested in cooking or learning or being domestic in any sense.

But all that has changed. I do want to be a domestic goddess and I have the Nigella cook book to prove it! One of the hardest things so far in my quest to become this domestic goddess and wife of my husbands dreams is to come up with new food ideas. Ones that we both like.

So the search began. New cook books were bought, recipes from friends were shared and blogs were researched. One of my favourites is Not quite Nigella. A Sydney based blogger with all sorts of goodies. Look what I made last night from one of the recipes I found there (under the vegetarian section).

Macadamia toffee covered Camembert...delicious!

The crunchy toffee compliments the smoothness of the cheese, while the sweetness balances the natural bittery Camembert. A perfect combination! It looked so good on my platter and more importantly it impressed my husband. Hurrah!

I’m still not a domestic goddess by any means but I’ve just about got my husband fooled into thinking I am. And the good news? Chefs don’t clean up so I don’t have to worry about the mess I leave!


ps the recipe was super easy and I had left over toffee. YUM! Thanks Not Quite Nigella!


Chefs don’t clean up

My husband tried to bribe me. Here I was thinking the use of bribes was only used on small children and corrupt government officials but seems I can now be added to the list.

Tim and I don’t have many rules at our house but one of them, and might I add that Tim established this rule before we got married, is this:

Whoever cooks doesn’t have to clean up.

Well as soon as those words were out of his mouth I heartily agreed. Afterall, I could see the writing on the wall,  I knew it would be me who would do the most cooking and I’ll gladly admit I’m not a fan of cleaning up.

The other night I’m sitting at our dining room table (its new by the way and I love it!) minding my own business as Tim cleans up in the kitchen. Cleaning up dishes from the previous day. He casually starts a conversation and manages to put in… “If you come help me, I’ll let you get whatever you like as takeout for dinner.”

Hmm I considered and thought, fair enough, so I help out. But it was a bribe and wow it actually worked. Points to you babe. But now I’m scheming…what am I going to bribe him about???


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